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Appreciating the differences between How Men’s and Women’s Relationship Brains Work

Wow! We could spend all day talking about that topic. But we won’t.

So, here we go. First off, Women’s brains operate differently than men’s. Many of the women reading this will probably think… “duh, no kidding!”  Men will probably think “tell me about it.”

Well, here are the two major differences:

Women’s brains operate like a complex of Super Highways connecting family and personal relationships, being a mother, a wife or a significant other. Women simultaineously juggle things like work, homemaking, parenting, homework, soccer, dance, or gymnastics with their children, running the household, doing laundry, cooking meals. The list goes on and on.

Men’s brains however, operate out of a series of boxes. For example, there’s the work box, the sports box, the wife and family box, the hobby box, the Internet box among many more to be sure. Then there is the box that’s empty… the “nothing” box. During one of our classes on communication a women raised her hand shouting “I want that box. I want that box!”

Oh, one more thing about the boxes,heaven forbid that the boxes should touch one another!

There are many more unique and fascinating  differences between men and women’s brains.

Understanding the differences between men and women is key to maintaining and growing a meaningful and mutually rewarding relationship.


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